Come meet the sumptuous rise and fall

Of beings being one and all

On Magellanic Clouds they wish

For fluorescent spinning jellyfish

In pallid hues they oft' appear

Instilling wondrous charge of fear

Acquiring minds like kinder toys

To substitute the men for boys

And snout in trough, they'll play awhile

And plainly reconstruct the smiles

Of headless chickens told to wait

And tenderly abandon fate

This night-borne breed, unholy crew

Are on their way to curdle you

They churn and seek some kind of space

Fellating demons with God's grace

From starry realms they come in haste

For purple robes of midden waste

And should you choose to sleep right now

They'll mutilate your sacred cow

The caustic scenes, which they'd forgot

They came, they saw, they conquered not

And flouting time with right to piss

On poor defenceless Cathar sis

They'll chain this granite monolith

To crucible of over-myth

For forty days and forty nights

They'll plague my mind with drastic sights

Like pearls before the fattened swine

To crucify this concubine

So scan the heavens, then you'll know

That Christ's aboard that UFO

© Chris Bond — 20 December 2000