Unused Fragments

"The last scoundrel of the refuge"

"Like coronal mass ejection, thou approachest perfection"

"The sniper at the gates of heaven"

"Cecity is the mother of unmenschen"

"Taxi ride to the front line"

"Now is the winter of our disco tent"

"After a while I came to the realisation that it's a total waste of time trying to influence the outcome of sheep football"

"Perverting the course of just is"

"I gave you a heaven and you made of it a hell"

"Blessed are the channel flickers"

"Who are you?" "I am the future; the electromagnetic stimulation of the God module enclave of the temporal lobe."

"Divine nepotism's a wonderful thing!"

"A pilgrimage to everywhere"

"This is winter's branch, and with it we flagellate!"

"Your soul is to die for

Time after time

I stake my heart

To the firing line"

© Chris Bond