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A memorial to the men who died Who suffered in the war which they despised Who fought to save this fucking land Their only defence was a gun in their hand A forced impression, indoctrination ...

Money Money Money
Money money money Up my bummy It's a rich man's wad © Chris Bond 1990

Aquhorthies Burundanga Ceilidh for One Continuum CruXaiD Destroy El Escogido Evrόtas Extinction Gargoyle Glebe Lands Gowt's Bridge Hawkers Heart Amiss I I Ignis Fatuus Innocenti Inundation Junk Male...

Opus 47
An ugly creation to mimic the bible A fragile reaction that’s covered with libel A true blue sensation that eats through your eyes A new dvation for those who are wise A total construction of...

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Peter Glaze
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Please find some anger in thy fist Else I be forced to get real pissed And venomously state my case That thee be cast to outer space Please find some chaos in thy land Else I be forced to take...

Poems, Musings, Artworks and Fragments
The fragmentary remnants of a life. Much more besides is lost. I know not from where they came and I'm not even sure that I know what they all mean if indeed they do have meaning. Most of the...

Godmanstone Blues By Chris Bond and Andy Paciorek Defy not the urge to buy! For this book could save your very living soul. Poetry and prose by Chris Bond, with original illustrations by the...

Quos Deus Vult Perdere, Prius Dementat
Penetrate, then deviate In quest to circumnavigate From pole to pole, and back again The soulless void of man's chagrin No peace of mind, just endless days Forever searching Troytown maze No man...

Good Friday 2000 was the day on which I decided that I no longer wished or needed to be addicted to opiates. I wandered directionless and plain to see and eventually I found myself on southern...

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Shark Tooth Hearing
When I was about twelve years old I had two rubber great white sharks, and I used to masturbate with the larger great white shark over my penis, and the double row of teeth would bite the skin hard....

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Stained Glass
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