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Click on image to see full size (13.8MB) For a boy has been born for us, a son given to us to bear the symbol of dominion on his shoulder; and he shall be called in purpose wonderful, in battle...

Hope springs eternal from the womb of my subconscious And every mock thought and transaction of fear Is lost amid the diffuse tones and molten serotonin cherry haze of your presence So when do you...

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She sleeps on my scarlet sofa like a sleek black panther in the midday sun. Sharp teeth primed behind pouting lips. She purrs softly to herself in undertones so rich and deep that my lungs vibrate in...

Ceilidh For One
Oh troubadour, mon amour Why are you such a fucking bore? Your only chance, I do implore To take your web to Castle Dore And thence to squat upon the tor A weaving cantraips ‘cross the moor ©...

Chan Sin
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This is too bizarre for mere mortals Cracking up between the portals A fracture clinic lost in time And space enough to feed the rhyme I wondered lonely, as a shroud Which veils its gaze beneath...

O Christian Dollar crack thy whip And ply thy vain manglorious wares Unto those never blinking children All mindful of their stocks and shares Go ply thy trade of bombs and poisons Unto thy...

Derek Nimmo
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We want liberation, emancipation We wanna destroy the system Annihilate, antagonise Use anarchy to terrorise © Chris Bond 1979 A short song composed for the embryonic Truro punk band Volatile...

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El Escogido
She held a visionary’s stance, like a child who spies a comet for the first time; head thrown back and legs apart, long auburn hair trailing in the wind. She caught a glimpse of it once, but it melted...

Oh to be Sappho in Sparta And writhe with each pure wood-nymph daughter To coil in the grove In sport, or in love And pray that they give me no quarter © Chris Bond 24 November 2002

I’m closing up the curtains to hide the light of day And I’ll shut out all humanity ‘cos it’s turned a shade of grey The patterns on my wallpaper are closing in on me I wish my mind could tackle it...

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I am the gargoyle in the recess of your mind Sitting, stone shitting, your soul is mine I’m waiting here … so patiently Petrified huh … you fucking should be I am the gargoyle crawling up your...

Glebe Lands
In crow-sport graveyard can be found In vaguest shade of oaken glade Long-cut girls with hasty breasts All swollen 'neath their stringy vests But mark thy time by rise and fall Of their...

Gowt's Bridge
I am love’s wandering Jew, and thus I knew That I wouldst ne’er wake up with you And though I tried to keep my pace A seemly distance from your face For fear of falling deep in love And cooing...

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