Opus 47

An ugly creation to mimic the bible

A fragile reaction that’s covered with libel

A true blue sensation that eats through your eyes

A new dvation for those who are wise

A total construction of faces so black

A timely reduction of numbers held back

A sexual perversion, the sign is so clear

It’s more than just music, it’s something to fear

A vague reformation of things in the past

A grave expectation, the tarot is cast

A mental vibration to pastures anew

A brief revelation, you know what to do

We strapped in our god and we fed him on hate

And then turned him loose on the 51st state

The harrowing cries of a land in despair

Don’t preach to me ‘cos I just don’t care

To acid, to acid, the love of a drug

On a highway of crudeness, from brain cells we dug

The inner emotions evolved in one night

Are the mesmeric visions, the puzzle is right

We melted the snow and we froze all the steam

Just for a dream, to create a new team

A scream from within and a final fight back

This one’s got to work ‘cos there’s no turning back

© Chris Bond — 1985

A theme song for a Plymouth band to wasted to ever get off the ground.