I got this burning desire to force-feed your mind

With the aching limbs of a thousand years

I got this burning ambition to take a sharp pickaxe

And scale the heights of your deepest fears

I got this burning urge to shrink-wrap your soul

With the molten waste of my carcass brain

I got this smouldering wish to drain my blood

And force it through the walls of your sunken veins

I got this burning aspiration to smother your body

With the stagnant lies of your own deathbed

I got this burning impulse to charge your hips

With the fallow semen of my own death-head

I got this burning inclination to carve out your heart

With the hacking blade of my encancered gaze

I got this smouldering need to fuck you awake

And then take you to hell in a lucid daze

© Chris Bond — 1988

A song written for a London band for which I was the vocalist. Played the George Robey and Lady Owen Arms. Supported Senser, The Sea and others. Practiced in the squatted Peckham Dole Office with Back To The Planet and others. One of our bassists was Roly Wynne from Ozric Tentacles and our next bassist was in Radical Dance Faction.