Lady Eleanor

Back in 1973 or 74, when I was about 9 years old, I had a dream. I still remember it vividly. In my dream I was making love to my friend's older sister on the stairs of our council flat in Truro. She was called Helen, was two or three years older than me, was very beautiful, and had long blonde hair. At the bottom of the stairs was a small transistor radio. Throughout the whole of the dream the radio played Lady Eleanor by Lindisfarne. I was, at that age, too young to actually have sex, and too young to know how it would actually feel to do so. But I know that it was as close to the reality as anyone could desire from a dream, even compared to the sexual dreams I've had as an adult. Whether or not I truly understood the lyrics to the song at the time I know not, although I probably did, at least as far as anyone of that age could understand them. The song still gives me goosebumps all over whenever I hear it. From that day forward, my friend's sister never again looked me in the eyes and I never dreamt of her again; at least not in my sleep.

© Chris Bond — 29 July 2012

Of course, I now know that the name Eleanor is a variant of the name Helen, although I probably didn't realise that at the time. It may be that the song appeared in the dream due to the names being similar phonetically and that no song containing the actual name Helen was in mind at the time. Personally, I think that there was more to it, and I firmly believe that the song was deliberately chosen. The meaning of the names Eleanor and Helen are uncertain, though are possibly related to light.