Kirisuto Sukuinushisama

In Aomori prefecture, at the northern tip of Honshu, Japan, lies the small village of Shingo. It is unremarkable save for one reason. You will find there a small mound surrounded by a white picket fence. Atop the mound is a simple six-foot high wooden cross, and below this mound is said to be a tomb; the tomb of Christ.

On the morning of March 29th, 1952, the United States Air Force was performing practice manoeuvres just north of Misawa. Lieutenant D C Bingham was piloting the T-6 target plane, and was being pursued by a pair of F-84 Thunderjets. Shortly after the first F-84 flew past the T-6, Lieutenant Bingham spotted a small, shiny, metallic disc of less than a foot diameter closing in on the F-84. The disc then hovered around the F-84’s fuselage for a few seconds before passing in front of it and accelerating vertically upwards as it quickly disappeared out of sight. Unbeknownst to the United States Air Force, the disc then made its way to the small mountain village of Shingo.

© Chris Bond — 1 January 2001

The above is, arguably, the truth. The tomb exists, although I cannot say who, if anyone, is buried beneath. The UFO account is authentic, at least as documented by NICAP. It is implied, by me, that the disc continued to Shingo in order to collect biological material from the interior of the mound. The cloning of Christ.