I & I

Thrice imprisoned I have been

Willingly and boldly keen

Wed to powders golden brown

A task once set to earn my crown

I await the day of liberation

Of capitalist capitulation

My hand to let the penny drop

And meek and poor will loot this shop

In days of olde the druids spoke

Of mistletoe beneath the oak

A golden sickle reaps the bough

Aft’ plenilune beneath the plough

The sword in stone is metaphor

A secret hidden on the moor

Of unhewn dolmen I will sing

To free this once and future king

And when the poets sing the Chûn

And resonate beneath the moon

The son will rise on solstice morn

And divine child will be reborn

I am Mabon, sun of earth

And moon and stars, my cosmic birth

Was long foretold in Celtic ode

A catalyst in cobalt woad

© Chris Bond — 21 August 2000

A poem based primarily on the Song of Amergin, though heavily influenced by The White Goddess by Robert Graves and his assertion that Mabon was born on the same day as me. Celtic messianism.