Poems, Musings, Artworks and Fragments

The fragmentary remnants of a life. Much more besides is lost. I know not from where they came … and I'm not even sure that I know what they all mean … if indeed they do have meaning. Most of the poems come to me complete, although very small changes are occasionally made at some later date, but rarely. The prose generally comes the same way, with little idea of where it is heading or what it might mean. The material originally written as songs were, however, usually worked at as having to fit to a tune, for the most part already composed by others.

Much of the poetry is written in rhyming couplets and a few keep to conventional formats such as iambic quadrameter or the like. But many are written with no regard to any such convention. None are deliberately contrived to be this way, or indeed any way; they come as they come, and only afterwards do I realise what, if any, convention they follow. Spelling mistakes are (almost always) very deliberate and intentional.